Hair Extension Methods

Different Hair Extension Methods

Believe it or not, a traditional Hot Fusion technique may not be the best option for your thin hair. And the new Method would make your thick hair look lumpy and unnatural. So how do you know which method is recommended for your type of hair or style? Below you can view some of the different hair extension methods and attachment techniques, so maybe by the end, you will have learned a thing or two about which technique might be the best for you.

  • Invisible Hair Extension Method – this method is also known as “skin wefts” because it is the method most like real skin with hair growing from it. The Invisible Method feels most natural and people would never know you were wearing hair extensions. Even if the weft is exposed, the skin-like look makes it invisible. People who would most benefit from the Invisible hair extension would be someone with thin or thinning hair, or someone suffering from hair loss such as, people undergoing chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this method is not widely available, but is becoming more popular in salons.  Though, due to the scarcity, the Invisible Method tends to be a bit pricey.
  • Hot Fusion Hair Extension Method – When Hot Fusion was first introduced as a method to attach hair extensions it used hair glue. Now, professionals are learning the updates in hair extension training for Hot Fusion that uses a keratin bonding agent. This will fuse your natural hair to the hair extensions. Using keratin instead of glue has been found to be less damaging to your natural hair and will last close to four months, which is considered “long lasting” when it comes to hair extensions. This type of method is great for people that want to add thickness or length to their hairstyle. Hot Fusion is a very popular method of attaching hair extensions, but there is an added expense for removal. Because you have essentially bonded your hair to the extension, and made it one, this is not a hair extension that can be removed easily or on your own. Professionals take hair extension courses to learn how to remove them, and it is recommended that a trained professional do it for you.
  • Brazilian Knot Hair Extension Method – The Brazilians have got a way with hair, that’s for sure. They have come up with a very natural method to attach hair extensions. The Brazilian Knot Method takes hair strand by strand and woven together with a special elastic thread. There are no chemical bonding agents and therefore will be far less damaging to your natural hair. This method is long lasting as well, many people having said their extensions lasted close to 4 months. People that may want to give this a try should be weary if they have a tender scalp. The Brazilian Knot Method can take up to 10 hours to attach a hair extension, with lots of pulling and tugging on your natural hair. If you believe you can take it, this method may be for you. Overall, when the elastic thread is used to bond your hair, it puts less stress on your natural hair, which will allow it to remain healthy.
  • Pinch Braid Hair Extension Method – Very much like the Brazilian Knot Method, the Pinch Braid Method attaches extensions to your natural hair through a series of tiny braids that are secured with the same kind of elastic thread. This method is also all-natural, which is the healthiest for your natural hair. The Pinch Braid Method is best for people with course, thick or curly hair and will last close to four months. Because of the braiding being done by hand, it is not recommended for people with fine hair due to the sometimes raucous application. Some people with fine hair have complained that their natural hair was damaged during the braiding process.
  • Sew-In Hair Hair Extension Method – For this method, you must first decide if you want a full weave, which hides all of your natural hair, or a partial weave, which is sewn into a tiny braid around the mid-section of your head. A partial weave uses much of your natural hair and blends it with the hair extensions and can give instant volume. The Sew-In Hair Method is one of the oldest and most popular methods out there for attaching hair extensions. If you have dry, course or curly hair, a full weave sewn in can give you the chance to try fine, bouncy hair. A sewn in hair extension lasts nearly 3 months and the application can be quick. Although this method is most convenient, it tends to be bulky, which can be detected easier by touch and feel.


Above are some of the current Hair extension methods in the market, however you decide to attach them allows you to experience a change. If you are a professional wanting to learn more about hair extensions and how to apply them, there are many Belle hair extension courses are the best way to learn and if you are just interested in getting hair extensions, find a trained professional to assist with your desired look. 

For for information about the new nano ring hair extension method click the link. This is 90% smaller then the Belle 2010-2013 nano ring method.

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Click here to view our latest hair extension courses


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