Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

When it comes to nano ring hair extension courses, Belle Academy is one of the top training schools. Among the previously listed important aspects of a good training facility, Belle Academy offers even more.

Belle Academy offers nano ring hair extension courses all over the UK. They have a wide range of courses offered to students of all different qualifications and levels, because Belle Academy believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn the proper hair techniques.

Belle Academy has hired only the best trainers in the UK to provide quality instruction for their training courses. Every training instructor has at least a master Belle qualification, and providing students with a Belle Academy graduation certificate is no small thing to them. They ensure that each and every student gains the knowledge and experience needed to properly satisfy their clients, even if a particular student needs extra training time in order to do so.

The hair extension training courses offered at Belle Academy are their most sought-after courses, and it’s no wonder. They have been holding hair extension training courses for over 6 years. They cover nano ring hair extension training as well as several other methods of installation.


After receiving your Belle Academy certification, you will be qualified to do several important tasks for your clients:


  • You’ll be able to complete a client consultation, which is one of the most basic tasks a hair dresser must complete.
  • You will be qualified to choose the perfect hair color for your client.
  • Belle Academy will train you to section the client’s hair correctly and install the hair extensions, positioning them in a variety of ways to achieve a particular look desired by the client.
  • You will learn the three most popular hair extension installation methods available in the hair industry.
  • You will also learn how to remove the hair extensions, which is especially important since this can be a delicate process and must be done correctly and carefully to prevent damage to the client’s natural hair.
  • It will also be important to educate your clients on maintenance and care for their hair extensions after they leave the salon. Belle Academy ensures that you know exactly how to accomplish this.
  • You will be educated on how to cut and style your client’s hair extension after installation.



After completing the course, you will also be given a special hair stylist kit, including items such as a training head, electronic extension heat connector wand for fusion-bonded hair extensions, finger protectors, micro rings, removal pads, and many other hair extension products. This full kit alone makes the training courses offered by Belle Academy worth it.


Your success is important to Belle Academy. Since 1999, they have demanded excellence, and they continue to do so today. Not only do they prepare students by training them in the art of hair dressing and hair extension installation, but they also train their students in the ways of business. Becoming a prosperous stylist takes more than simply being talented with hair. It takes a business-like mind to start, market, and keep a salon successfully.


Belle Academy offers classes all over the UK, specializing in several different areas of hair care and styling and available at different times throughout the season. There is nothing stopping a potential student from becoming a great stylist, thanks to Belle Academy.

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