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To book onto a Belle Academy course you can view all current dates and cities below, we require a £50 deposit to secure your place on a training course, the course balance can be paid anytime before your training date.
Belle award winning Hair Extension Master Course: About The Course

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This is Belle Academy’s signature hair extension course which has been developed for over 10 years, perfected by our Academy team always keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry. Belle Academy also have a celebrity salons specialising in all methods of human hair extensions, this means our knowledge and expertise are carried through to our courses which ensures that every Belle Academy graduate is armed with the correct knowledge to provide a great service. Our hair extension courses 1 is ideal for anyone looking to learn hair extensions from scratch, you don’t need any previous knowledge to undertake this course. During every course, we will provide you with the skills to start your new profitable business or improve your existing one with your new skill set. This course covers three of the most popular and classic hair extension methods used worldwide, all of these methods are professional semi-permanent systems.
Course Name Price Methods
C1 (4 Method Master Course) £269 (Usually £495) Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds & Easy Shrinks.
N1 (5 Methods) £299 (Usually £545) Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds, Easy Shrinks & Nano Rings.
T1 (5 Methods) £299 (Usually £545) Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds, Easy Shrinks & Tapes.
C2 (3 Method Weave & Weft Course) £259 (Usually £495) Celebrity Weave, Tapes & Micro Ring Weft.
C3 (7 Method comprehensive Course) £425 (Usually £849) Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds, Easy Shrinks, Celebrity Weave, Tapes & Micro Ring Weft.
C4 (8 Method Ultimate Course) £475 (Usually £899) Micro Rings, Mini Tubes, Fusion Bonds, Easy Shrinks, Celebrity Weave, Micro Ring Weft, Tapes & Nano Rings.

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*SALE* now on selected dates and cities | For list of cities and dates view below.

Secure your place by paying £50 deposit online.​

Please note due to our current offer we only have limited amount of spaces. If you are interested we advise to book early to avoid disappointment.

You can also upgrade to learn more methods on your course such as Ultrasonic cold fusion, Nano rings. Celebrity Weave, Nano ring weft plus more! We teach the most modern hair extension techniques in UK.

**Price match promise, call us for more information**
(NB: Click on the the date you wish to book on and you will receive a booking confirmation email with all course details. Due to the high demand of Belle Courses, we advise you to book early as our course spaces fill up very fast. The majority of the courses that are listed as fully booked are not shown on the website)

Our group/classroom style courses will hopefully be fully operating from end of March/April 2021. We request if any students have any symptoms do not attend the course – you will be transferred free of charge)

Belle Hair Extension London, Kent, MK & Essex training dates held daily please call 02084326302 to discuss; national dates below.

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Belle Hair Extension London, Kent, MK & Essex training dates held daily please call 02084326302 to discuss; national dates below.

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Nationwide Hair Extension Course Dates

For more cities, private one to one courses and other dates – please call us on 02084326302 (442084326302 international) Course spaces are limited & available on first come first serve basis.

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Making money with hair extensions

The Importance of Hair Extension Courses for London Salons

As a salon owner, it is always important for your stylists to stay up-to-date on the latest hair care and hair styling techniques. If you cannot fulfil your customers’ requests, you will very likely lose their business to salons that can. One technique that every stylist should learn is semi-permanent hair extensions. Some of your customers may request them for various reasons and it is important for your stylists to know the correct application techniques.

The Consequences of Poorly Fitted Hair Extensions

Badly installed hair extensions can damage the client’s natural hair, sometimes making it fall out and causing permanent damage to the follicles as well. Both glued in and sewn in hair extensions can be damaging because they put too much weight on the hair or, if done improperly, the hair is tightened too much causing damage. To prevent these problems from occurring in your salon, you should make sure your stylists are properly trained on how to safely apply professional hair extensions. By attending a Belle Academy hair extension course, your staff will be trained in the preparation, sectioning, application, cutting, styling, maintenance, removal and aftercare of hair extensions.

Why should you book onto a Belle Academy Hair Extension Courses?

There are several reasons why it is important to get the proper training in hair extensions. Not only will problems like hair loss be avoided, but also when hair extensions are done properly, they can enhance a woman’s appearance. For women with thin hair or shorter hair, they can allow her to have a new look immediately. The hair transformation can be as temporary or as long-term as the client likes, as long as her hair is properly maintained. By taking a Belle Academy hair extensions course, your stylists will not only learn how to put them in properly, but they will also know how to care for their clients’ hair and how to instruct their clients to care for their hair at home. The proper maintenance of hair extensions will make them last longer and the natural hair will never be damaged and will naturally grown longer while they’re in. You don’t need any previous experience to undertake a Belle Academy hair extensions course, your educator will teach and guide you through every process to ensure that you learn hair extensions properly. All Belle Academy educators are experienced hairdressers, hair extension technicians, beauty therapists and assessors who have all trained with Belle Academy to ensure they deliver an excellent standard of education to all.

Increase Business and Please Your Clients

Hair extensions are a booming industry, by learning the Belle hair extension techniques you can‹increase business and keep your clients up to date with the current trends that the majority of celebrities are wearing. They can fulfil their clients’ wishes for fuller, longer hair when needed and transform fine,thin hair into volumised, long and beautiful hair. To solidify the reputation of your salon business, you and your stylists should take advantage of hair extension classes that are offered, to effectively learn the hair extension techniques for applying hair extensions. Your clients’ confidence in your business will increase when you are easily able to fulfil your clients requests. Your client’s will thank you when they are able to do more hairstyles with their new hair.
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