Hair Extension Cutting Course

Hair Extension Cutting Course
Belle Academy Hair Extension Cutting Course is accredited by ABT.The hair extension cutting course is recommended for people that have already taken hair extension course one. The course helps students build upon the knowledge learnt in the previous courses,
it allows students to provide better finishing to the clients hair. You will learn different cutting techniques in the course and by the end will let you blend the clients extensions.Students will leave the course comfortable with different cutting techniques.
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About The Course


Hair Extension Cutting Course

Even for skilled stylists, cutting extensions can be a completely new challenge. Some even use special scissors and other tools when cutting and styling the extensions. Many hairdressers find that working with extensions is different from working with a client’s natural hair.

While working with hair extensions, different techniques and methods must be used, when compared with cutting natural hair. A hair extensions cutting course can be a great way to for hairdressers to learn how to cut, shape and style hair extensions for a natural finish that works with the client’s natural hair. An extension cutting course may contain both practical and theoretical parts to teach hairdressers how to properly prepare the client’s natural hair before the application of extensions, and then how to blend the hair afterwards. Hairdressers and stylists will learn traditional methods, such as scissors for cutting and thinning with creative techniques like using a razor or ultrasonic razor.

Hair Extension Cutting Course Topics

An extensions cutting course will be divided into several parts. Firstly, it’s important to start the process right, so hairdressers will learn how to properly prepare the natural hair of the client.

Hair extensions cutting courses will demonstrate how to properly shred the hair extensions so they look natural. The course will also cover blending options, using both scissor and razor techniques. Finishing the overall look will complete the course.

Hair extensions cutting training should cover extensions finishing for all types of hair extensions, including micro ring strand extension finishing, micro ring weft finishing and pre-bonded fusion extensions. Finishing different types of extensions can vary slightly.

Why Take a Hair Extension Cutting Course

Hairdressers are not normally trained to work with hair extensions, which is why hair extensions cutting training can be particularly useful. Also, many technicians who apply hair extensions are not qualified to cut them, which can leave clients with an incomplete look before they go to their hairdresser’s appointment. A hair extensions cutting course will allow technicians and hairdressers to offer a complete service.

Many cutting courses are designed for technicians. By being able to offer finishing services, technicians are more likely to be able to keep clients returning. Even for technicians with no hair cutting experience, finishing hair extensions is a skill that can be attained.

Some other techniques taught may include layering and forward graduation. Being able to offer a wide variety of finding options can help technicians and hairdressers keep their clients happy.

There are 1-day hair extensions cutting courses that won’t take up too much time, while still providing valuable information and practical knowledge. Since courses are offered that only take one day, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of this additional skill

Many courses offer certificates which can help technicians stand out when looking for employment.

Who Should Take an Extension Cutting Course?

Hair extensions cutting courses are often most valuable for hair extension technicians. The classes often cover the placement of hair extensions in addition to the cutting techniques that work together to provide the best final results. People who take extensions cutting classes are ofted taught how to use the extensions to create different looks and styles, and therefore offer a more valuable hair extension application service.

Many courses use a training head to teach the practical portions of the class. Some may even provide a live model to use after they have mastered the course content. Although extensions cutting courses are designed for extensions cutting beginners, it is best to have at least 3 months of experience working as a hair extension technician to get the most out of these advanced, often fast-paced courses.


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