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Hair Extension Techniques

Hair Extension Techniques

There are several hair extension techniques that can be learned by stylists in the UK. Some of the techniques taught in hair extension training include micro fusion bonding, using micro rings or links and a technique called “Easy Shrink.” Only the micro rings or links don’t involve using an adhesive on a client’s natural hair. However, if done properly, micro fusion bonding and using the tubes involved in the “Easy Shrink” method will not cause damage to the client’s hair.

Micro fusion bonding involves using an adhesive to bond the client’s natural hair with a hair extension. If a protein based product like Keratin is used, it can be removed from the hair much more easily than silicon based adhesive and there is less of a chance that the client’s natural hair will be damaged. During the course, the stylists will learn how to use micro fusion bonding, which is one of the most widely used hair extension techniques.

The “Easy Shrink” method involves adhering the extension with the client’s natural hair by using a tube with Keratin inside of it and heating the tube so that the adhesive bonds the natural and hair extension together. It allows for easily removing the extensions as well, because the fused areas just need to be heated again and the tube slides right off causing no damage to the natural hair.

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