Hair Extensions Course. What To Look For When Booking?

Find out why Belle students are the HIGHEST earning qualified hair extensionist in the UK.

You can obtain insurance same day. With our accredited professional training.

What to look for when booking a hair extensions course

What to look for when booking your hair extension training course



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1) Is everyone learning the same hair extensions method on the course? 
For a good learning experience a dedicated teacher is required. Courses that only use one teacher should be avoided as the teaching experience is compromised. It is difficult for one teacher to concentrate on all the students in one class.
2) Does the teacher on the course use a projector?
A projector provides a visual aid that students can relate to. They are proven to greatly improve the learning experience and makes students perform better during the practical as it allows them to recall images learnt from the theory
3) How many teachers are teaching your course?
A course that involves a practical has to be taught by at least 2 teachers. This ensures that students are given enough attention to learn and apply their skills.  One teacher on a course is generally avoided as courses that do, generally mean that students will be waiting around to get taught and won’t gain as much from the experience in the short period of time.
4) Are you given a full colour training manual in your course?
A full colour manual is essential for any course. A full colour guide helps students refer back to their studies at a later date and also if they want to go back home and look over the material covered in the day.
5) Does the company have real reviews?
All our video testimonials are 100% genuine with students that have been on our course. Forums are often not the best of places to look for reviews as many provide fake reviews under alias accounts, so be aware! It is always best to look for video reviews, hand written feedback forms or even
consult with friends that have been on the course.
6) Is the course provider a real company?
Unfortunately there are a lot of training organisations that are currently popping up that are just trying to make some quick money but aren’t actually authentic training companies. The best way to keep your money safe is to check out a company’s credentials such as how long it has been running for and if it has a
registered company address. Visit to get all the information that you need.
7) The kit?
Our full 24 piece professional kit will provide you with everything that you need for applying hair extensions, cutting and removal including a 20-30% off trade card, training head, professional scissors, electronic extension heat connector wand and much more.
8) How long has the company been established?
Some of the best training companies are the ones that have been around for a number of years as these are the courses that know best how to tailor and structure classes to get the best results from students.  Experience in the industry is an unbeatable quality that accounts for a greater collection of knowledge and expertise. You can check how long a company has been running for by looking them up on and checking if they have filled books.
9) Does the training school have a salon?
This is a vital quality that you should look for when booking a hair extension training course. A training school that has a successful salon will be able to provide you with knowledge from real-life industry experience. A company that does not have a salon may be able to provide you with the basic techniques but will not be able to teach you how to apply these skills to run your own successful business. We believe that industry knowledge is indispensable. Hair extensions are always changing all Belle students are always informed on trends are taught the latest methods/techniques. 
10) Can you get insurance once you have completed the course?
We are accredited by ABT and we are part of the Knight Learning group of companies, where we managing training for clients such as Morgan sindle to the NHS. Doing your hair extensions training with us your in safe hands.






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