Hair Extension courses Glasgow

Glasgow Hair Extension Course

You are taught three of the main hair extension application methods at our Glasgow hair extension course. The course takes place every month at our accredited centre and is taught by highly qualified teachers. Students may also want to consider our training centre in Edinburgh if they wish to go to a course at an alternative date.
Course Location Dates Total Cost (All inc.) Deposit Only
Hair Extension Course One Glasgow Click Here For Latest Dates £325

Hair Extension Training Courses In Glasgow

Hair extension training Glasgow has become a popular subject to search for these days. You don’t have to travel very far to understand why that is. It’s impossible to look through any celebrity magazine or celebrity gossip website without seeing flawless examples of famous celebs rocking a variety of different hair extensions. This has made hair extensions popular with people all over Glasgow. This in turn has created a huge number of opportunities to turn this popular trend into a viable career.

If you’re looking into hair extension courses Glasgow, then you’ve come to the right place. The popularity of hair extensions in Glasgow has opened the door to learning everything there is to know about this procedure. That means anyone who is interested in working as an expert in hair extensions can get the training and tools they need.

Looking for a change of pace? Looking for a new, exciting, rewarding career? Hair extension training Glasgow could be just the thing.

Learning The Essentials

Hair extension training Glasgow should equip you with everything you need to succeed in this rapidly-growing industry. You should walk away from your hair extension training courses in Glasgow with such essentials as:

  • The basics of the consultation process, and why it is so essential.
  • All aspects that concern healthy and safety on the job.
  • Client contraindications.
  • Matching up the Colour of the hair to the client’s actual hair.
  • Extending hair through your chosen, established methods.
  • Knowing the difference between a half and full head, and how to fit for either possibility.
  • Creating highlights/lowlights through hair extensions.
  • Learning how to create that professional result through blending, cutting, and shaping.
  • The necessity of aftercare for both client and technician.
  • Maintaining a client’s extensions.
  • The ability to safely remove extensions.
  • The types of hair that are available, and which ones are best for a particular client.
  • Products and sourcing of products.
  • Attracting clients to your hair extension business in Glasgow.

You should also learn about the various types of hair extensions available through your training courses in Glasgow:

  • Nano Ring Hair Extensions
  • The Micro Rings Method.
  • The Pre-Bonded Hot Fusion Method.
  • The Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Method.
  • The Shrink Tubes Method.
  • The Micro Ring Weft Method.

All of these methods should be part of your repertoire, although it’s certainly just fine to have one or two of them as your specialties. The hair extension school you choose should still be able to arm you with everything you need to know about these methods. You should know their strengths, their weaknesses, the tools necessary to complete one or the other, and the types of clients who will benefit best from one over the other.

Becoming A Hair Extension Expert

Courses are extremely affordable, and you can build your training around whatever your current day-to-day schedule might be. What are you waiting for? Contact the Belle Academy school, and get started today. If you have a look on our hair extensions job section you can find out how to receive funding from a number of different institutes in the UK.

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