First aid training for salons

First aid training for salons

First aid training for salons and a working knowledge of what to do in an emergency is not only an asset but really a necessity. Many stylist do not really think about what could go wrong in a salon that would take some quick thinking and a skill set to take care of.

Salons are supposed to be a place to go to relax and get pampered but there is danger lurking at every chair! There are more accidents than one can imagine that occur in a salon on a daily basis. Every salon should have a first aid kit that every employee is aware of.

The location of the first aid kit should be some place that is easily accessible and all employees should be shown where it is. The contents of the kit should be periodically checked to insure a solid stock of supplies.

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Any successful salon should hold a training period for its stylist on what to do in case first aid needs to be administered. A CPR class, information on handling cuts and other accidents is a necessity. Most hair stylist will have a basic idea of what to do in an emergency but to insure compliance it is always best to hold a training session.

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Chemical Accidents

Most hair salons offer colour, perm, straightening and other chemical processing services. Those chemicals may do wonders for a head of hair but they can be dangerous if they come into contact with the eyes of a client or sensitive skin.

Knowing what to do in the case of a chemical accident can not only save the salons reputation but can also save the client a great deal of discomfort. Should a client have a reaction to a chemical the very first step should be to rinse the chemical off the skin, should it come in contact with the eyes immediately rinse the eye and follow the necessary steps to control damage. If need be call for medical assistance.

Cuts and Nicks

One slip of the scissor can leave either the client a bloody mess or the hair dresser in either case it needs to be controlled immediately. The cut is to the hair dresser he/she should leave the station immediately to attend to the cut and to stop the bleeding.

If the cut is to the client, steps should be taken immediately to control any bleeding and determine if the styling can continue or not. Blood can carry disease and proper sanitation is very important to stop the spread of any blood borne diseases. Applying gauze with a bit of pressure while wearing disposable rubber gloves can work wonders.

Be sure to dispose of any blood bearing gauze correctly ( a separate bag tied securely).

first aid training in salons


Burns from a too hot flat iron or curling iron is not a too far fetched possibility. The best thing for a burn is cool water. A good first aid kit should contain some burn ointment.


Salons are wet! They also have slippery hair on the floor. A fall can be avoided by keeping the floors dry and free of hair but in the event it should happen applying ice to a minor injury can help!

First aid in salons is important information that should be dispersed among all employees.


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