Nano Ring Hair Extensions Course (Total 3 new method)


Award Winning Hair Extension Course

Nano Ring Hair Extensions course By Belle Academy have officially launched a new professional hair extension course covering THREE of the latest techniques available in the industry; Nano rings, Nano ring weft and Tape weft. All three methods are completely glue/heat free and long-lasting. Nano rings are the latest and most exciting method available to date, enrol now to learn these exciting new techniques of 2014!
To book on to a Belle Nano ring course its a £50 deposit rest can be paid before the course. Latest dates and cities are listed below.

Nano Ring Hair Extension course 

Nano ring hair extensions are the latest and smallest hair extensions available on the market, theyre 90% smaller than most methods on the market such as micro rings and fusion bonds(They’re about the size of a pen nib!) They are the hottest and most exciting development in the hair extension industry due to the size of them, many celebrities are currently wearing them. They are excellent cold system for clients with very fine/thin hair or those that want lots around the sides and top without them showing. They are extremely gentle on the hair, no adhesives or heat are used to attach them, they are simply held in place with a tiny connection.The nano ring hair extensions won’t pull or bend on application to your client.  They will stay in place for several months or until you wish to reposition/rotate them if they grow down. Theyre also extremely comfortable when sleeping, your client should feel nothing as they are so tiny and flat against the scalp.Nano rings are are truly fabulous for adding thickness to clients who have suffered from hair loss, whether this be genetic or for a medical reason, nano ring hair extensions will help the clients hair to grow without weighing it down.


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The nano rings can also be used to attach a human hair weft to the clients hair, this is brilliant way of extending the hair and creating volume in half the time. Your client will have lots of choice  of colours and lengths, thewefts come in glew and double wefts to cater to all tastes. This method is great for special occasions and events. 

Nano ring are 90% smaller then previous Belle micro ring method.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Course Dates (In and around London)

 – Call for dates

1 day course



Total Cost (All inc.)

Deposit Only

Nano ring course London Call to book £299.00
Nano ring course London Call to book £299.00
Nano ring course London Cook to book £299.00

Nano Ring Hair Extensions Course Dates (Out of London) – Call for dates




Total Cost (All inc.)

Deposit Only




We will teach you how to:


how to do a nano ring client consultation form

contraindications and Medical conditions explained

communicate effectively with your client

preparation and sectioning techniques

extend hair using main THREE  different methods (Nano rings/Nano ring Weft/Tape weft)

learn about many different types of hair and how to source them

learn the latest hair extension trends

learn about the hair extension market

learn about the structure of hair and Remy hair

learn about medical/scalp conditions which can affect hair extensions

apply Nano ring hair extensions

apply Nano ring weft hair extensions

apply Tape weft  hair extensions

apply Human Hair Extensions

apply a full head, half a head and volume applications

apply hair extensions on clients with hair loss/thinning hair

apply hair extensions on all types of hair

apply highlights, lowlights and fashion colours

achieve the perfect hair colour match

cut, shape and blend your clients hair extensions

care for your clients hair safely

teach aftercare & maintenance of the hair extensions

find hair extension products

reposition hair extensions

safely remove hair extensions

start up and expand your hair extension business

pricing of services and how much to charge (profit margins)

make money in the hair extension market

reach your target market

where to get a good website at an inexpensive price

purchase good quality hair at a good price (30% trade discount with top UK hair suppliers)

purchase hair extension tools without being ripped off

Free marketing material posters



What is included in your hair extension training kit to take home on the day:

Glamorous Lengths Hair Extensions Step by Step Manual Vol: 2013

Training head

Training head table clamp

Human remy hair extension colour ring

Professional hair extension loop brush

Metal end precision tail comb

Hair extension razor comb (2-sided)

Two sectioning crocodiles

Sectioning clip

Professional Hair extension tape

Professional cutting scissors (6″ blades, stainless steel* – 6″ inch blade is the recommended length for hair extension scissors)

Hair extension storage bag with 5 compartments (Waterproof)

Hair extension pliers

Pre bonded Nano ring extension hair

Human hair weft

Nano rings

Micro/nano ring looper tool

30% Trade card for our gold supplier

Aftercare cards for your clients

Posters to help with your business (A3 size! Poster designs ideal for mobile and salon based)


What else you will receive:

Insurance details to kickstart your business for hairdressers and non hairdressers (Included in all courses)

Hair suppliers details (Included in all courses)

Professional certificate with enables you to get trade discount at sallys and other stores (Included in all courses)

30% Trade discount card (Included in all courses)

Direct contact details to our salon manager for future support (Included in all courses)

Complete peace of mind that you are learning with the UKs largest hair extension training academy, we teach thousands of students every year.


Why learn Tape weft hair extensions?


Tape wefted hair extensions are another modern and exciting extension technique. They are ideal for those allergic to metal and who wish to have something more short term as they last up to 8 weeks usually. The great thing about these is the fact they are so quick and easy to apply and you are in control of how many you wish to put in and whether you want to use single or double volume. When applied correctly by a trained Belle hair extension technician, they cause no damage to the clients hair and feel extremely comfortable against the scalp unlike many other bulky hair extension methods.


Tape wefted hair extensions come in a variety of shades and lengths including dip-dyed and ombre, and are very cost effective to purchase which gives a more affordable option for your clients to chose from. They can be reused again and again if the hair is well looked after and regular maintenance appointments keep them in tip top condition. They can also be styled normally using all heated styling tools, they’re great for special occasions, brides, birthdays and proms.