Hair Extension Jobs

Hair extension jobs

Are you a mother? or someone that’s unemployed? Living off one individual’s salary can be difficult. Even with a partners salary affording basic necessities is not always easy. The economy in the UK is making the price of living extremely harsh, meaning there is little room to spend on luxuries. However, there is a way for moms to earn extra money which can help make life a little easier. For instance, doing hair extension jobs from the home is an interesting and fun way for women to earn money. From the comfort of your own home you can provide yourself with a way to earn extra money that will really go a long way. Some of the Belle students who have taking a belle hair extension course are earning in excess of £2,000 per week we have been told. You can view reviews here from some of the some powerful hair extension technicians in UK.

Women are becoming more and more concerned about looking their best and hair extensions enable them to look fabulous. The hair care market has become huge as hair extensions allow women to create a statement with their look. Numerous celebrities and stylists swear by hair extensions in order to look and feel your best.

Why start a mobile hair extensions business for moms? (Belle help with funding)

Some moms work from home; this may be so that they can look after family while their partner goes to work.  This allows women to earn extra disposable income that can go a long way and enable them to enjoy life. It can be tiring doing the same housework tasks day in day out and moms’ working is a great way in order to keep your mind and health in order. Keeping your mind busy with a rewarding and social job is a great way to give yourself a change of pace. Seeing the same four walls everyday can get dull, don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to go out and experience something different. A mobile hair extensions business will enable you to meet new people, this can lead to you making new friends and having an insight into other people’s lives and interactions. Moms should not have to stop their lives just because they have children. Enjoy the rewarding world of work by doing a course that will enrich your skills.

Travelling from a to b to provide a fantastic service allows you to have fun and escape the tedious everyday life of the home. The job will allow your eyes to be opened to other environments and will help you meet great people who may become friends. A mobile hair extension business is a great investment that will allow you to earn money in an exciting way. Just because you have children it does not mean that you cannot have a side project that you can do when you are not busy looking after the children. When your children go back to school or are with your partner make money in an enjoyable way that allows you to be social and provide women with a quality service.

Hair extension jobs, why this is the time to take on the Belle course?

Hair extensions have become more and more popular over the recent years. The quality of hair extensions has vastly improved enabling women to achieve a better look with their hair. Hair extensions allow you to make your hair appear thicker and longer. The extensions allow you to avoid the appearance of dull, frail and lifeless hair. With hair extensions your hair will look enriched, have great volume and will allow you to create attention to your appearance for all the right reasons. The extensions are available in a variety of colours and in numerous sizes. So if you have short brunette hair or long blonde hair, you can add length and volume to your look making your hair look fantastic. For most women hair extensions have become a must have in order to allow them to look their best. Numerous celebrities such as Cheryl Cole are able to achieve their beautiful, long hair that’s full of volume thanks to the use of hair extensions. Extensions are not difficult to maintain or keep looking fabulous once you are trained how and this course provides that knowledge.

Hair loss in women has become an issue that has affected many. With the constant use of hair straighteners, hair dying, hair curling tongs and hair dryers, womens’ hair often becomes damaged leading to loss and it becoming thin. Hair extensions can give the appearance of thicker and healthier hair. You will not have to feel insecure about the thickness of your hair thanks to the fantastic product. If you have recently had a hair cut and you are not happy with the length of your hair, hair extensions can get back that length helping you to look and feel great about your hair again.

So if you want to join a booming business where there is money to be made helping women better their appearances then starting a hair extension business is a wise investment.

What the course offers you

Belle hair extensions offer a fantastic course which provides special training for those who wish to learn the three core application methods (micro fusion bonding, easy shrinks and micro ring/ links) by qualified teachers. The course is ideal for providing a part-time job for moms. You do not have to of had any previous experience dealing with hair extensions, the course is designed to thoroughly teach you everything you need to know about hair extensions.

The course offers you a chance to gain the confidence to start your own business from the comfort of your own home. It is estimated that moms can earn anything from £200 to £1000 per week from either working from home or as a mobile hair extension business. By dong this course you will be able to provide a service that will help your money worries or simply allow you to enjoy life more.

Information about the course

The course is available in most major cities in the UK. For instance, the course is available in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Essex, Brighton, Leeds, Wales and Cardiff. However, if a city listed is not the one you desire then you can contact the company via email or SMS in order to know when the next date of a course will be in your city.  The course is available at an affordable price, which is very reasonable considering how much you could be earning a week by setting up your own business.

You do not have to be a hairdresser or have a lot of knowledge about hair or hair extensions, you will be taught everything that is essential for you to know the moment you start the course. Once you pay your deposit and confirm your place at one of the courses you will receive an email informing you that you have been allocated a space on the course. You should pay the rest of the required amount for the course on the training day, however, you can also do this before the course starts. If you would prefer to be trained at a hair salon you will need to contact the company and inform them of this. The training methods are consistent and you will be learning what others on a course in a different city will learn. The student and teacher ratio is set with at least two teachers in the room. This allows for there to be someone on hand to help and there to be minimal waiting time if you are unsure on a certain aspect of the course.

What the course provides you with

On the course you will be given a professional hair extension kit, a thorough and fully illustrated manual detailing how to use the kit, professional hair extension insurance approved certification, a trade account with Gold Supplier, template consultation card and other items that are essential in order to start working as a qualified and professional hair extension technician. When going on the course qualified and trained teachers will give you honest and friendly feedback, aiding you as you learn the ins and outs of hair extensions. There is a guarantee that if you are not able to grasp the concepts of the hair extension business you can come to the next available course in your area with no extra charge, making sure that you are satisfied with the course and you see results from attending. Everything will be fully provided for you at the course which includes: refreshments, a training head (to practice apply hair extensions too), stationary and a full hair extension kit. You should not bring anything with you as you will be fully looked after and will receive quality training for your money.

The course is award winning so you know that you will receive quality training that will make you feel confident using hair extensions. The courses mostly last for a day so you do not have to invest a vast amount of time getting trained in the profession.

What you will learn on the course

The course aims to teach you how to do a client consultation, how to communicate effectively with your client in order to complete a happy transaction, extend hair using the three main different methods (this helps you to find a method your confident with or change depending on the clients specifications), learn about the multiple different types of hair and how to source them (for example, Russian, Indian and Remy will all be explained), you will learn about the latest hair extension trends, you will learn  about the details of the hair extension market, learn about the structure of hair and Remy hair, you will learn about medical and scalp conditions which can affect hair extensions and how to work around this.

This course will teach you how to apply: keratin fusion bonded hair extensions, easy shrinks (both through a heat method), micro rings and links (through a non heat and glue method), human hair extensions, a full head, half head and volume applications of hair extensions, hair extensions on clients that have thinning hair or hair loss, hair extensions on all types of hair and highlights, lowlights and colour flashes (which have recently become a very popular look). The course helps to teach you how to achieve the perfect hair colour match, how to cut shape and blend your clients’ hair extensions, how to safely remove hair extensions, how to care for your clients’ hair safely and how to teach aftercare and maintenance of the hair extensions.

The course also delves into the business side of hair extensions. For instance, the course teaches you where to find the best products for your clients, how to start up and expand your business, how much to price for your services, how to make money in the market of hair extensions, how and where to reach your target market, where you can find a good website at an affordable price to advertise your work, where to purchase good quality hair at a reasonable price so that you do not get ripped off and where to find free marketing material posters.

A summary of why this course is a perfect way for moms to work from home doing hair extensions

So if you want a new and fun way to earn money then this course is an ideal opportunity for you. You will no longer have to struggle with a way to earn money as this course provides you with in depth knowledge of a booming market that is currently a smart place to move into. Allow yourself to get out of the house and meet new and interesting people who require your services. Learning about hair extensions is a fantastic skill that is valuable for you to learn. The course comes at a fantastic and affordable price for the skills and quality you receive on the course. This course is a great way for you to be enriched through a rewarding job that allows you to grow at your own pace. You can begin an exciting new career easily and the course will offer everyone a place regardless of their experience.


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