Our Training Centers





Our Training Centres

If you are qualified already or hair and hair beauty is new, Completing a belle academy training course can update your skills, help you to build your

own business or provide you with extra income.

At The Belle Academy we understand that getting the training qualifications you need isn’t always an easy job when you can’t find a training academy near you. That’s why Belle has 25 accredited Training Academies Nationwide to

accommodate you, so all you have to do is focus on getting your qualifications as easily as possible without having to worry about anything else!

We have Training Centres in the following Cities :

• London Nottingham • Bournemouth • Bristol
• Newcastle • Brighton • Norwich • Dublin
• Essex Liverpool • Exeter/Devon • Edinburgh
• Leeds/York • Gatwick • Cambridge • Aberdeen
• Birmingham •Plymouth • Cardiff • Glasgow
• Manchester Southampton • Kent • Sheffield







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