VTCT hair extension course

VTCT hair extension course


VTCT – Gold Standard Certifications

VTCT is a government approved organisation that awards certification in several fields but the beauty field is really their speciality. Getting a certification from VTCT is really the gold standard through out the UK and is recognised through out the UK as the gold standard.

If you are a hair dresser, nail technician or work in any of the beauty fields you really want your certification to come from Vocational Training Charitable Trust!

Career Pathways

There are several career pathways that can lead to a certification from this certifying organisation:

• Hairdressing and Barbering
• Beauty Therapy
• Holistic Therapies
• Health and Fitness

Hairdressing and barbering are some of the most popular certifications that this organisation offers. A hairdresser that has a certification from this awarding authority can work anywhere because an employer will instantly recognise that a hairdresser or barber that holds this certification has all the professional training that they need to be recognised and certified.

Certification is offered in several areas including, Afro Caribbean Hair Styling, Beard and Moustache Trimming, Men’s Hairstyling, Hair Extensions and other areas of hair dressing.

Beauty therapy is another recognised field. Certification is offered to the professional that has taken the necessary courses to be certified in Beauty Therapy fields. Facials, Waxing, Skin Care and other certifications are offered.

Holistic Therapy certification is also offered. Taking the proper courses in holistic therapies can result in getting the certification that is recognised through out the UK and internationally.

A career in Health and Fitness is an exciting career where you get to not only interact with people on a daily basis but where you can literally change lives by helping people to become healthy. There is a complete set of course that are required to get the coveted certification from VTCT.

Taking the Courses

To get any certification from this organisation you need to follow a specific course guideline. This organisation does not offer courses they are an awarding organisation. This certification agency has accredited schools and colleges that offer the courses that will get you the certification that you need to have a successful career. Taking the necessary courses is the only way to get certification in your field of choice.

Any career path that you choose will have a list of required courses that you will have to take. Once you complete the courses than you can apply for your certification through VTCT. You want to make sure that you take your courses from an accredited school because if you do not than you will not be able to apply for your certification.

There are accredited schools and learning centres that provide you with the courses that will guarantee your certifications, as long as you get passing marks!

VTCT is not only for the new entry level work force. You can get your certifications as a professional that is already employed. Taking courses in speciality areas of your field like Hair Extensions can help you to become a more valued employee and beef up your client list.

The key to keeping your skills fresh and up to date is to continue to get educated and add certifications to your list. Staying up to date especially in the beauty field can make or break your career.

Understanding the latest techniques whether you are a nail technician or a barber and offering them to your clients will make sure your client base stays full!

Take the courses that will help you get certifications from the internationally recognised VTCT and watch how quickly your success takes off.


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