Russian Volume & Tahitian Feathering Training Course

RUSSIAN VOLUME & Tahitian Feathering Training Course

Russian Lash Extensions Techniques have recently made a breakthrough in the UK & the US and are growing in popularity day by day.

This technique teaches you how to apply multiple ultra fine lashes on to a single natural lash. Layering the lashes in this way will give you an incredibly glamorous look.

Tahitian Feathering is very similar to the Russian Lash Technique, however where it will differ is that you would apply lots of lashes of various lengths to the individual natural lashes to create a feathering effect. This will create a more softer look than the russian technique.

Both of these techniques work very well together and its great to be able to offer your clients a variety of different look sand services.

Our Russian & Tahitian Lashes Course teaches you all the very latest techniques in Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Application.

These are the most sought after services in lashes at the moment and will be a really great addition to your services.

Our courses are taught by expert trainers with years of industry experience and are hence suitable whether you are a trained technician or just starting out and want to learn something new.

You will be taught everything from the basics to the advanced techniques, with you trainers ensuring that you have grasped the theory and practical each step of the way.

You will leave the course fully trained and confident to begin your new lash extensions on live models and clients.

Some of the Topic’s you will cover include:

Russian Volume Lash Techniques Explained

Tahitian Volume Lash Techniques Explained

Looks you can create

Patch Testing
Health & Safety
Client Consultation

Anatomy & Physiology

The work environment

Processes & Procedures


Lash Pick up techniques

Lash Styling

Lash Curvature

Lash Length

Lash Thickness

Mapping Lashes

How Many to Apply

Application of Russian Volume Extensions

Application of Tahitian Lashes

Removal of semi-permananent lashes




Trade knowledge

The Glue

Using a curler tool correctly



Marketing & Building a client base


The Kit:

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