Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions and Others

Hair extensions are hot! There is no denying that they are THE fashion trend. Whether you are a celebrity or just someone that is fashion forward and wants to look fabulous hair extensions are the way to go.

Hair salon clients expect to be able to show up with short hair short hair and walk out with a full mane of fabulous. There are plenty of options on the market for hair extensions from Remy micro ring hair extensions to pre bonded extensions to cold pressed extensions. The list it would is endless.

There are some better options than others. Micro ring hair extensions are all the rage right now because they cause no damage to the underlying hair, they are easy to apply and they last for a long time.

There are several things that drive the choice of which extension to use. Micro rings are great for thin hair. Pre bonded hair is great if you want a full or curly look because they are better suited for thicker coarser hair.


What Are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions are extensions that have a bonding agent already on the tip that is to be attached to the hair. They can be either real or synthetic hair. There are several different types of this hair extension.

The usual bonding agent that is used is a Keratin based glue that usually requires heat to insure a snug fit. The Keratin glue is used to cause minimal damage to the natural hair. Keratin is already found in your hair shafts naturally. There is nail tip, stick tip and remy tip. The nail tip type comes with glue on the tip that is attached using a special heat device. These tips are sometimes called u tip extensions.

The Remy tip type is mono directional and is always made from human hair. It is applied in much the same way as the nail tip type is. These extensions arrive at the salon pre glued and heat is used to apply the extension to the natural hair. The stick tip type is applied a bit differently. These types of prebonded extensions do not use glue to adhere to the natural hair. The hair dresser uses micro rings to attach the extensions to the natural hair. The micro rings are small rings that match the clients hair. There is no heat used in the process which is healthier for the hair.


A Further Word About Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the best methods of hair extensions. They can be removed easily and reused! They look better longer, there is less movement of the hair and they cause no damage to the natural hair.

Any client that intends on growing out their natural hair and just wants to get past that funky stage of between hair lengths should use micro ring extensions.

The rings are matched to the colour of the natural hair so they are invisible which means the extensions look more natural than extensions applied using other methods. The rings are typically coated with silicone to further protect the hair from damage.

In both cases the look and the longevity will largely be dependent on the quality of the hair that is used and the skill of the stylist that is applying the hair. Natural hair is always best but there are some good synthetics on the market now that will be a little less costly. For a one time occasion situation synthetics are fine for longer use organic hair is better.

Both options are good options!

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