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NVQ Hair Extensions

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NVQ – National Vocational Qualification

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) are certifications that are based on a workers competency in their job. The certifications are awarded based on several different factors. The National Occupation Standards are used to the describe what are considered required compentencies in several different areas of specific job functions.

There are different levels of NVQ that range from the most basic to upper level management competencies. Each level has different education requirements and competency abilities.


Level 1


The levels begin with Level 1.To achieve this level of NVG basic knowledge of varied activities related to work are assessed. Most of the assessment involves knowledge of basic activities that are predictable and rather routine.

Level 2

At this level the worker is expected to know more specific and significant range of work related activities that are performance driven in several different context. In some cases this Level requires that membership to a professional organisation or work group or team.


Level 3

This level is achieved when the worker has the ability to work in a full range of work activities that are complex and non routine. At this level typically it is required that there is a large amount of responsibility in the position, supervision of others or working completely unsupervised.


Level 4

At level 4 the worker has to be able to display a large amount of knowledge in a full range of technical, professional and complex work related activities. There has to be a large amount of responsibility, supervision of others, the division of resources and complete autonomy has to be displayed as well.


Level 5

This is the highest level and requires competency in principles that run the full range of unpredictable situations. There may be a need to prove the ability to plan and have responsibility for other’s work. Personal accountability and dividing a large amount of the business resources must be provable. Execution and diagnosis as well as analysis, design and planning is also considered in this award level.


Level 6 ,7,8 (specifically for year 10 students)

These levels apply specifically for year 10 students and are awarded accordingly:

Level 6 is awarded 1 to 12 units. Certificates are 12 to 36 units or Diploma 37. This is just about equivalent to a Baccaulerate degree.

Level 7 is awarded the same units as Level 6 and the same Diploma 37 but it is equal to a Graduate level degree.

Level 8 is also awarded the same number of units as 6 and 7 and the same Diploma but is equal to a Doctorate. Unlike Doctoral degrees in other subjects that require written work and research the NVQ does not require this type of curriculum however because it does not require the same type of course work it does not have the same merit as most other Doctoral degrees do.


Available Career Path Awards

NVQ offers qualification awards in a full range of vocations from business administration to manufacturing work. This organisation sets the standard across many different fields and career paths.

There are many career paths that are available for award from the NVQ.


Why Get The Award?

Getting an award certification from NVQ is necessary for many employers. Of course even if the employer does not require the certification it does make the employee much more employable. Being able to prove competences can help to provide valuable insight into a potential employee.

The certification award allows the employee to be a much more sort after asset to the company. It also is a benefit to the organisation with which the employee works because it cuts down on training time once the employer knows that the employee holds an award they do not have to spend valuable time training an employee!

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