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Microblading Training Course

• The Belle Academy 2 Day Microblading course will teach you Microblading & Nanoblading techniques across the 2 days.
• The course covers all the mandatory theory you must know, the anatomy and biology of the skin, followed by practising different brow shapes and styles, colour theory plus mixing and choosing the correct pigments for your client and then moving onto practicals on fake skin
• On Day 2 you will further hone your practical skills and learn how to perform a client consultation before working live on 2 models under the guidance of your trainer
• At Belle Academy classes are kept to a maximum of 3 students – it’s really important you receive lots of time and attention with your tutor hence classes are kept small

• The course begins with all the essential health, safety, environmental, hazard awareness and licensing that you need to be aware of
• Next you will be taught which clients are suitable for Microblading and Nanoblading and which ones cannot take the treatment/service
• You will then learn about the anatomy of the skin, face and the brow area in particular

• Practice eyebrow shapes, styles and techniques
• After perfecting your eyebrow drawings you will learn how to use your professional equipment
• Colour theory and pigment selection
• How to perform a client consultation
• Practicals on fake skin, learning about how much pressure to apply and how to deep to do your strokes
• Once you are ready and have honed your skills fully you will be shown a real live demonstration on a live model by your trainer
• You will do a complete client (LIVE MODEL) under the guidance and supervision of your trainer
• In the afternoon you will then do a 2nd LIVE Model

Our Course has received 5 Star Feedback.

Give our team a call on 020 7993 5544 for more information and to request your free 40 page microblading guide.

Up coming course dates are below, courses do fill up fast as there are only 3 spaces per class. Call 020 7993 55 44 for latest dates and availability.

Payment Plans are available over 5-10 months.

Book on for just a £250 deposit. The remaining balance can be paid via payment plans! But you can attend first date of your choice.

LVC Microblading courses London, Kent, & Essex training dates held daily please call 020 7993 5544 to discuss; national dates below.

Course Contents

• Course Introduction
• Health & Safety
• Pathogens and Blood Transmission Prevention
• Sterilisation and Preparation of the Workspace
• Safe Practices for Permanent Cosmetics
• Client Consultation & Consent Form
• Information for the Customer Prior to Having the Treatment
• Post-procedure Care
• Different Skin Types
• The Process of Healing
• Facial Anatomy & Major Facial Muscles
• Care Against Sun Exposure and Premature Discolouration
• Designing Eyebrows – Basic Principals and Advanced

Precision Techniques
• Correct Selection of Eyebrow Shape, Depending on the shape of the face
• Practical Case Studies – Fundamental Eyebrow Design – Practice Design on a Model & Examples
• The Theory of Colours in Permanent Makeup
• Mixing Colours
• How to Avoid Skin Discolouration and Hyperpigmentation
• Skin Tones, Compatible Pigments and Choosing the Right Pigment for your Client
• 3D Basic Techniques
• Full Day Live Model Practical Under Supervision

Qualifications & Benefits
As with all of our courses, you will receive your Belle Academy certificate for insurance, access to trade shops to buy professional equipment, on-going support available from your educator via email, facebook or telephone and membership to the Belle Academy entitling you to special offers, news and discounts.

CPD Credits: 14.0
Price : From £1595 All Inclusive of Training, Certification, Support and Kit

Entry Requirements
No previous experience in Semi-Permanent Makeup required.

Microblading is an advanced semi-permanent makeup technique where pigment is inserted into the upper layers of skin. You can create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows applying the microblading technique. A superfine needle/blade is used to create thin, hair-like strokes on the skin in the same growth pattern as your existing hair. Microblading is used to create eyebrows or change the shape of existing ones.  This semi-permanent makeup lasts up to 18 months, thereafter the pigment fades leaving the skin and the natural brows exactly as they were. The latest techniques in microblading is the Korean Nanoblading methods – smaller, finer needles and hairstrokes.

SUMMER SALE To secure sale price £250 deposit online. (Sale only on July – £1795 all inc. deposit to secure place/offer.)

Please note due to our current offer we only have limited amount of spaces. If you are interested we advise to book early to avoid disappointment.

We teach the following 2 methods:
Korean Microblading/Nanoblading – Our most popular method (Recommended)
Japanese Nanoblading Machine Method – Advanced techniques in Microblading/Nanoblading

Japanese Nanblading Method also allows Eyeliner Enhancement, Lip Liner, 2D & 3D Lips (Additional Course Required)

Korean Microblading/Nanoblading Training – 2 Day Professional Microblading Training

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