Habia hair extension courses

Welcome to our HABIA hair extension courses blog – Please note we at Belle Academy are currently not offering Habia or VTCT hair extension courses, we plan to introduce them in February 2020.

HABIA hair extension courses

HABIA-Hair and Beauty Industry Authority is the government approved agency that sets the standards for the hair and beauty industry. This organisation sets the standards for the nail, Afro hair dressing, spa therapies and barbering.

HABIA also set the codes under which the beauty industry is regulated. It sets the standards for apprenticeships, diplomas, certifications including NVQ’s and SVQ’s. This is a non profit organisation that is a stand alone agency that is recognised by the government as the governing body of the industry.

The Benefits of HABIA

This organisation is there to help! It helps all stake holders in the industry by providing guidance when it comes to course work, regulations, requirements and safety issues. It is there for both employers and students as well as learning centres. It is in essence the representative of the government in all matters that have to do with hair dressing and beauty fields.

Anyone that has a question about recent legislation or practices is invited to call this organisation located in Doncaster, Yorkshire and get the answers that they need to be in compliance.

The benefits of this organisation is that they provide valuable industry news and keep the industry stake holders updated. They are also champions for the industry and work hard to make sure that other countries around the world recognise how well trained UK hair dressers are.

HABIA is like the voice of the government and a cheer squad for the industry wrapped into one.


VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) the awarding agency and HABIA work closely together to raise the standards of the industry and to improve the professional level of all that work in the beauty field.

Each agency is mutually exclusive of the other but both have the same goals in mind. To create a completely professional work force that is highly qualified and well educated. These two groups have done a lot of the industry in the last 15 years or so of course VCTC has been around a little longer than HABIA (45 years in total) but they work side by side to enhance the industry for everyone involved.

Its Free!

There is no cost to become a member of this helpful organisation! The website is also free to use for both members and non members and is full of useful information. Any individual involved in the industry can join this organisation by simply registering on the website.

You can easily become a member and get the information that you need to make informed decisions about your beauty career or business. It is an excellent way to get some free qualified guidance on all matters that involve the industry.

If you are a stakeholder in the beauty industry you would be foolish not to register and become a member. It is always a good choice to get reliable information to make sure you are always in compliance with legislation.

International Reciprocity

HABIA has for the last 15 years worked closely with other countries to design reciprocity agreements so that students and professionals from the UK can use their talents elsewhere. They also bring global students and professionals together by securing visas for training and meeting sessions.

The UK is world renowned for their high standards when it comes to hairdressing and the work it takes to get the certifications that are recognised through out the UK, this helps with the reciprocity process.

Any beauty insider should be a HABIA member to get the most out of their career! It is a great networking opportunity and a great way to keep abreast of the latest insider information.


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