Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – Safer?

Cold fusion hair extensions are the latest technology in hair extensions that are meant to be easier on the natural hair. This is a relatively new method that uses a Keratin based glue that can be attached to the natural hair without having to use heat to activate it.

Cold fusions also makes the extensions feel more natural where it is attached to the natural hair. There is real science behind this method of attaching the extensions.


How it Works

The extensions are attached to the natural hair and the bond is activated by using ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves causes the Keratin based glue to crystallize and form a strong bond with the natural hair.

This invisible bond last long and is a strong hold. It is actually a stronger less noticeable bond than that which is created using heat. Cold fusion is the wave of the future because it is ideal in so many situations.


Cold fusion hair extension application VS Heat method

Most extensions require that heat is applied at the source of attachment to activate the bond. Heat can cause damage to the hair and it can be difficult getting the bond as close to the root as possible. Avoiding burns is important and getting too close with a heat source is a sure fire way to cause a burn.

While the heat method is the tried and true method it may not be necessarily the best method! Traditional can be good but if there is an opportunity to use something that is a bit more forward thinking and can protect the hair it may be the better choice.

Cold fusion causes no damage to the natural hair. Using a cold fusion option also means that the extensions can be placed very close to the root of the hair without fear of burning the client or causing damage to the hair shaft.

The bond on both methods can be strong. The heat method requires that special care be taken when washing and styling the hair. You do not want the glue to get heated up during the styling process because you will risk destroying the bond and losing the extension.

With the cold process you can style the hair any way without fear the bond will be compromised. The hair can be washed and styled with heat without breaking the bond.

Cold fusion also is an excellent solution for anyone with thinning hair on the top or the front of the head. With heat applications you can not ever get close enough to the front or the top of the head with the cold fusion you can.

People that have naturally thin hair shafts really are taking a risk of damaging their hair when they use a heat method. The thin hair shafts are prone to burning and breaking from the heat.

A lot of people that have thinning hair can benefit from the cold fusion process because you can still use chemicals that are meant to regrow natural hair. Cancer patients that have lost their hair to chemotherapy will be able to get extensions.

Cold fusion extensions can be applied directly to the scalp without causing any pain or discomfort! They are made with clear tips that take on the colour of the surrounding hair colour so there is very little detection that the extensions are even there! They look more natural, move more naturally and feel more natural to the wearer.
Hair extensions are a fashion forward statement but they should not be applied at the risk of damaging the natural hair.

There are a lot of benefits to the cold fusion extensions that far out weight those of the traditional heat process.



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