Bridal hair courses

Bridal hair courses

Bridal hair courses by Belle Academy

To complete the look of any bride, the hair must be the statement that they envision for themselves – long or short, up or down, a veil, some flowers – there can be no end to the combinations that can happen when creating that final look.  It is important to have a great working relationship with your client to ensure what they envision for their hair can be translated by your skills as an artist.

Bridal hair courses focus on that communication with your bride – those skills of learning to read between the lines of what the bride wants, and how to make it happen are very important.  The engagement with the bride and your ability to communicate with her during the process are the most important skills that you can master before you take on clients.  Often times a bride will bring with her pictures and ideas of what she is looking for and this will give you a platform for developing that perfect look for her for her amazing day.

From beginner to advanced courses, you will learn the professional techniques that are expected from every bride.  You will learn how to ensure that the amazing look that you create in the morning is still ready to party late in the day.  You will have the skills that will have your bride photo ready, from that early morning wedding, to that late evening party.  Whatever the venue, you will learn how to make your bride happy with the results.

And a happy bride is the best advertising there is for your skills and services.

There are many types of bridal hair options, from long flowing hair, to a complicated high end fashion hair style with crystals and a veil.  Bridal hair courses will give you the confidence you need to learn these styles.  Some of the skills you will learn to:

–          Consul with your bride about her vision for her special day

–          What equipment you will need when working both at a studio or on location

–          How to work with hair pieces to create height and volume to your brides hairstyle

–          How to create hair up styles, with or without accessories

–          How to create hair down styles, with or without accessories

–          How to work with children and bridesmaids to compliment the brides look

Whatever the style may be, or whatever look your bride may be trying to create, it is your job to bring it to life for her.  By utilizing the training that you learn in your bridal hair courses and your bridal makeup courses, you will become the person that can bring those dreams of that perfect day to life.  The artistry of wedding day makeup and hair are special to each individual, and each bride brings their own unique perspective to the event.

Being prepared for the questions and fears, the changes in ideas, and working to give that bride her wishes and dreams, takes a special type of person.  With your skills and training, you will be able to use the ideas of the bride – her colors, pictures, flowers, dress and her own being – to bring her the day that she always imagined.

A happy bride brings a special joy to any creative artist, but a technician that created her perfect look feels that special connection to what they created, and how much joy they have brought to one of the most amazing days that a woman can be part of.

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